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Not all my Readers are Crazies!

thou-shalt-not-bear-false-witness1I was pleased today to see a well thought out reader’s review on my book Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness. Up until this point I get lots of e-mails about my book but have had not so many reviews. That isn’t so curious for me due to the fact that it is easier for someone to go to the Gary Dale Cearley website and send me a message through the contact form than it is to put your thoughts on the book at one of the book sites like Amazon, Shelfari, GoodReads or AuthorsDen.

Anyway, I quite often get “hate mail” from “Christians” who support Jack Chick, Alberto Rivera and their Vatican Islam conspiracy. This amazes me to be quite honest…

I would never have suspected that people who are presented with the truth about a subject would shunt the truth rather than reading it for themselves and trying to understand where it is coming from. Take for instance this guy Thomas Richards, the one who branded me a “Jesuit coadjutor” and a “Vatican shill”. Now for his own part, Mr. Richards is apparently a follower of that nut job Tony Alamo. This Richards guy keeps trying to pretend that he has read the book but at the same time he knows nothing of it at all, other than I had an interview with a professor at the University of Bethlehem, a man who is a Muslim but works at a Catholic University.

Nonetheless, I hear from these guys every now and then who are telling me that I am going to Hell and that my soul cannot be saved at this point. Oddly enough they are coming from everywhere. I have had folks write in from the United States (several regions), the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, etc., none of who seemed to have even cracked the book’s cover.

Many of my friends told me that I would have all this ire from the Islamic community but I sensed early on this would not be the case. Muslims would have no problem with what I wrote in the book. It is aimed like a dagger at Jack Chick’s sadistic world of hateful biblical tracts.

I have news for all of my hate mailers…

The controversy isn’t inside the covers of my book. The true controversy is what my book refutes. If you’d read it you would know that.

Now I have a request for them…

Don’t send me an e-mail or contact me in any other way to tell me that God is displeased with me and that I am going to Hell until AFTER you have read Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness! You only make yourself look a fool, like Richard Thomas did.

One response to “Not all my Readers are Crazies!

  1. Daoud Rosser-Owen January 7, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    I came across ‘Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness’ last week quite by chance (I tend not to believe that there are any entirely random happenings) in a bookshop in the Kensington part of London UK and have spent the past few days reading it.

    I’m impressed by the objectivity that you display when treating of Roman Catholicism and Islam.

    I can’t really comment on what you’ve said about Roman Catholicism, never having been one, but I must say that what you’ve written on Islam is pretty fair. I like your citing Karen Armstrong’s biography of Muhammad, as I consider it one of the best and most readable ones to date.

    I suppose people have been attacking you for supporting these two beliefs. I don’t see that. Presenting the other fellow’s beliefs as objectively as possible is an essential first step to understanding him. It doesn’t necessarily follow at all that consequently you agree with him, or want to join him.

    I must say that I’d never heard of Alberto Rivera, and only tangentially of Jack Chick – I’d briefly flicked through one of his books when waiting to see someone. I’m saddened that his magnificent draftsmanship has been directed in such an unworthy direction.

    Nevertheless, the type of content which you describe is all too often served up by Christians of the modern American Evangelical sort – maybe, of course, they’ve got it from Messrs Chick and Rivera – which is not helping other Christians understand what is going on around them and in their midst. Whereas those of the more traditional or mainstream churches over here (e.g. Presbyterians, Church of Scotland, Church of England, Roman Catholics) are establishing an oecumenical outreach not merely to each other but also to the Muslims who, it has been pointed out by yourself and others, also have a Christology and who must believe in the Messiahship of Christ as an essential matter of their belief.

    So I congratulate you on an erudite and readable work.

    As a matter of interest, I would like to reference it in the bibliography of a book I’m working on at the moment. The working title is ‘No Less A Christian’ (which is a quote from John Lewis Burckhardt c. 1817) about how I, and others, came to embrace Islam. So how would I cite your book?

    What I’ve done at the moment, tentatively, is list it as “Cearley, Gary Dale, Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness: The Truth about the Vatican and the Birth of Islam, Aux Arcs Publications, ?, USA 2006”. The ‘?’ represents the place of publication. What should I put there?

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