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Bright nights in Bangkok

Originally uploaded by B℮n

I have been guilty of not spending enough time soaking in the city. Basically doing “things” as opposed to taking life in and living it. I have been working on conversation skills all around for the past several years. I would even say that this is one of my greatest joys in life now.

Those of you who have been keeping up with my blogs in the past may have noticed that I have been going through a reading crisis recently. I think this stems from a bit of burn out. I need to get away for a while and never seem to. Last night I turned in early only to wake up late today (it’s a Saturday). I got in my reading chair and fell asleep reading until I was woken up for lunch. Then after lunch I feel asleep yet again until 1900 hrs and have been groggy ever since. To me that is a major sign that I am needing time off. Unfortunately, I have no idea when this time off will come.

Sometimes inspiration comes with a clear head. I think that is what I need right now. A clear head.


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