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Guerra Moustapha: The Evil Skype Hacker (on Dream Sat)

Over the past nine or ten days I have had my Skype account hacked several by an evil person. His e-mail address is: guerra.moustapha

I have done my best with battling this criminal. I have contacted Skype, who though they have given me back my account three times, they have really offered me no help in keeping the bastard from doing it again. I have complained directly to Google about this but have not heard a peep back from them.

This unprincipled moron takes over my account and tries to send malware to my Skype contacts. He has downloaded about USD 95.00 in Skype credits but hasn’t been able to use any of it.

I am adding this blog posting as a plea to anyone who can offer help in tracking this bastard down and putting him (I assume it is a "him" due to "Moustapha") out of business permanently. I would really love to have some help with police in "Moustapha’s" country. He uses French on Skype due to the fact that whenever he has changed my password and changed my e-mail address the messages come from Skype in French.

I sincerely hope that this post will bring this criminal some kind of justice.

Google, will YOU investigate?

Skype, will YOU block this bastard’s e-mail address?

Algerian police (or French police) will YOU have a look at this guy? Shut him down!

"Moustapha" is not doing this to me only but to thousands of people. Thousands!

By the way, I did a search for this e-mail address. There is a track record on it. Someone using this e-mail is signed up as a member on this Algerian website:

En générale


Pseudo : guerra19
Rang : Membre
Date d’inscription : Le 22/05/2010 à 10:47
Dernière visite : Le 22/05/2010 à 12:18

guerra19 n’est pas connecté.


Sur le site de Dream-Sat.Org

L’ajouter comme ami Pas encore disponible

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Adresse email


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MSN : Inconnu Skype : Inconnu
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ICQ : Inconnu
Yahoo : Inconnu


12 responses to “Guerra Moustapha: The Evil Skype Hacker (on Dream Sat)

  1. Madasahatter June 24, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    i also have been targeted on my skype account he tried asking me to borrow him some money through alertpay account, he used one of my friends accounts to ask me in a private message, sent me to a skype link then hacked into my account. This person needs stopped and stopped now.

    He cant earn money the decent way he has to try to steal from people trying to earn a living and build a future for there family. MESSAGE TO HIM if he is reading this Go Play on the motorway instead of a computer, you may have better luck getting run down…

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