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Bein’ a princess ain’t no fairy tale…

I saw this cartoon about the marriage of Prince William and commoner Kate Middleton (now to be known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) in the New York Times. It was from April 30th but I only had a chance to open it today. This is something I have pondered about for years but this cartoonist says it so well. In case you can’t see the caption it says:

’The royal wedding is just like a fairy tale. Except, instead of living happily ever after, the princess is stalked by paparazzi for the next 60 years.’

How poignantly true! Add all of the official duties and responsibilities that go with being a member of that family and you have to ask yourself why ANYONE would marry a royal! Money, fame? There are many other ways to achieve that. Love? What good is love if it costs you your freedom?


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