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Should I ever take a review personally?

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine, (it is funny  how many blog postings come of discussions), and an interesting question came up:

Should you ever take a review of your writing personally?

This question reminds me of what a friend of mine who has spent a career in the restaurant business once said to me. “You know, people say that the customer is always right. In my business, sometimes the customer is a drunken asshole!”

To me as long as the harsh words are constructive criticism and are delivered in a positive way, then it would be wrong to take the review personally. However, if the reviewer has obviously not read the work, at least thoroughly, or if they are unduly crude or rude in their delivery of their critique then, yes, take it personally. But be professional if you follow it up.

Remember, if you sling mud you can expect some to get on you as well.


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