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No more automatic blog imports: Facebook is driving me more and more to the arms of Google+

Any blogger or writer who frequents Facebook and has RSS support for their blog (or blogs as the case may be) into their Facebook Notes will have seen that Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and team have decided to kill this service. Their message is as follows:

Changes to How You Share Content in Notes

You currently automatically import content from your website or blog into your Facebook notes. Starting November 22nd, this feature will no longer be available, although you’ll still be able to write individual notes. The best way to share content from your website is to post links on your Wall. Learn more about notes.

I have read that this could be a “quality vs. quality” issue, but personally, I think it is a matter is not well enough thought out. This will definitely lead me further to the arms of Google+.

Facebook is taking away a convenience without asking (ergo, not caring) about their end users’ opinions

First of all, as a writer and a blogger, the RSS import saved incalculable amounts of time, not just in the amount of time it would take off from my having to do the updates manually, but also to the amount of time that I would have from publishing to feedback from readers is also lengthened. And I have had no complaints about the quality of the posting. In the meantime I am much less likely to spend my working time every day to make the posts – posts which I were automated before. So I have choices to make. Do I now do this manually, myself? Do I assign one of my employees to do it? Or do I simply put less posts on walls?

If you have to spend the effort, maybe Google+ is more worth it

For me, the more I experiment with Google+ the more I see that its premise is better than Facebook for marketing purposes. Of course I can target whoever is in my circles for various different postings, and I am targeted by those who are in my interest zones. If I am going to spend the time to manually update my blog, I think more and more it will be the Google product. The only drawback I can see with them compared to updating my blog posts manually on Facebook is that at the moment Facebook has a massive population in comparison. But Google+ makes up for this by that quality of the targeted audience.

When I consider the fact that Twitter is still automatically posting the updates and that if I have to do all of this blog post updating manually, then it goes without saying that Facebook will be seeing less of me and Google+ will be seeing a bit more. And that’s that.

About Gary Dale Cearley:

Gary Dale Cearley is an American author, columnist, polyglot and businessman who has lived in Asia for two decades. He is a graduate of the Defense Language Institute, the University of the State of New York (Excelsior College) and the University of Oklahoma. He works in the field of international business-to-business networking and his passions are all things language, history and libertarian politics. Gary Dale is also an avid reader and book reviewer. You can reach Gary Dale directly by clicking here.
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