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Why blogging is one of the best public relations tools for writers – Period!

A friend of mine was complaining that he doesn’t believe that he will ever make a mark with his writing (even though I am definitely not alone in considering him to be a good writer) because he believes he will never get the notice that he believes it will take to “gain fame”. Why? Because he doesn’t have a contract, he doesn’t have a marketing budget and most importantly he doesn’t have enough going on to get “noticed” by media. You can imagine that I had lots to say, and I will tell you about the first two point in later posts, but the point about the media I will address right now.

Folks, we are in the twenty-first century. You don’t have to have media behind you to start out with. You don’t need to be an extrovert. You don’t need anything more than the space between your ears and WordPress (or Blogger, Typepad, Posterous or Tumblr or whatever platform you wont to use). Two perfect examples are Gary Vayerchuck and Tim Ferriss.

Let me give you some solid reasons why using your blog can be better than traditional public relations.

You can direct your message specifically to the audience you are trying to reach

I know there are loads of magazines, television, radio, and yes, other people’s blogs out there. But what are you writing about? Now think. Are there any of these outlets that fit your message to a tee exactly? And even if there is one out there with 99% overlap with your audience there could be loads of reasons they might not run your message. You could be bumped by other news. They might not think your message is timely for them. It could be they have “too much” news for their current issue. (Yes, this does happen!) When you write your own blog post none of this matters at all. Your message gets out there every time.

You can say exactly what you want

Your message can be as long or as short as it needs to be (though you should be mindful of length). And you say exactly what you want. There is no editor to cut parts of your message away. There is no interviewer to misinterpret what you had to say. There is no reporter to get your facts wrong. You say what you need to say and what you want to say. And this is gold, my friends.

Your message gets delivered when you want it to

That’s right. If you have a Christmas message then your message goes out on Christmas. If you need to get to the presses right away, well, how fast can you type? With traditional media, again, you are on their schedule. When they release the story (if they release the story) then that’s when you get heard. Not when you take charge with your blog. You never miss a deadline – unless you, yourself, miss the deadline!

The price is right!

You can put your message out there for little or no money. The only thing you really need is persistence and sweat. And name me anything out there in this great big world that is worthwhile but not worth your persistence and sweat?

And you can get “followed”

People who like what you have to say and want to hear more will always have the option to get mail and RSS follow ups as long as you make sure that can happen. This means that the more you have to say of relevance to the people you are directing your message to, the more you will actually have an audience. That’s right. If you know who you are trying to reach and you direct yourself to them long enough, you will reach them.

To me, that is more than enough reason to keep turnin’ and burnin’ at your blogging. It will make sure that the right people will hear your voice at the end of the day. I promise!


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