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Getting the writing activity out

Today I did very little of the writing I see myself doing. Instead I wrote an OpEd for my company and I wrote several pages for a company website. I somehow see this as the same even though it is different. Of course, this kind of writing could be seen as dull and boring, the “have to” stuff that puts food on the table. But I was thinking about it today and it occurred to me that while I was writing this OpEd piece and then later pages for the website that this kind of writing is actually excellent preparation for any other kind of writing. Of course, you need to be clear in what you are trying to say. You need to edit what you write both as you go along and also when you have finished.

But that’s not what I was specifically thinking about. I was thinking about something that might be even more important.


Yes, if what I write in an OpEd or for a website can’t be persuasive then what good would my other writing be? If I cannot persuade a reader to think or act in everyday style, evening if it is writing a simple e-mail then it won’t come across in any book that I write.

Or any blog update that I might post for that matter.


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