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Focus. How illusive art thou?

One of the issues that I constantly struggle with is interruptions. I guess I would be like others who might lose their place or their thought or even worse, their inspiration. When I am at home I face a bit more of a lack of focus but in my office, when left alone, I can generally focus quite well. As I look forward in my life I can see the need for focus so much more even than before. I also see that my writing skills, or lack thereof, will be that which boosts me or hinders me. This is why focus is important. I don’t deny it.

I read so much about cluttered desks and how that takes away from focus. I have not one but two cluttered desks and I can say that this isn’t really much of a distraction for me. My distractions are the two legged kind. People. Although I leave messages that from such-and-such hour to such-and-such hour I am not to be disturbed most people either completely ignore it or they feel that they have something with an urgency superseding my need for quiet and privacy. I guess I could start bashing people’s brains in. Perhaps I think, since people are all creatures of habit, that I could set a time every day that would make it a captial offense to disturb me. This might be better than having an ad hoc timing.

I guess the key to all this is organization. Something I have struggled with my entire life.


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