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Expats in Vietnam: A possible upcoming writing mini-project

A friend of mine who is a writer himself, Joseph Pereira, recently brought up a subject we’d both thought about for years ago. This was a compilation of expatriate memories of Vietnam in the days of “opening”. The idea is to get people who lived in Vietnam either before the United States dropped its embargo on Vietnam or in the few years after. It should be an interesting project but I think that of those who were there during that time there were few writers. So let’s see…

Let me know if you have any ideas for this!

Joseph Clement Pereira at the Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel

Author, music historian and music journalist Joseph Clement Pereira is a Singaporean gem, if not a little known national treasure. In his masterpiece, Legends of the Golden Venus, Joseph documented the history of Singaporean popular music in the 1960’s. Joseph plans to follow up this tome on the Singaporean music scene with another in the near future. Joseph has also been busy compiling CD collections of popular local Singaporean acts of years gone by so that this part of musical history with be available for posterity. He also has been the go to guy for big name interviews in Singapore of major international stars such as Eric Clapton, John Mayall, B.B. King, former members of The Tubes, Procol Harem and others. Joseph also is an international “vinyl collector” who has a taste for old Vietnamese pop music, to which I can personally attest.

I have known and been friends with Joseph since 1994 when we met in Vietnam. He and I are great friends and have visited one another in four cities in three different countries. I think what we find mutually appreciative is that we have varied interests and love to share these interests through long, leisurely conversations.

Look soon for an interview I conducted with Joseph Pereirra about his writing and research!

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