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Wandering according to plan

I sometimes wonder which is better: Writing with a plan and purpose or writing aimlessly, only clarifying one’s thoughts as one goes along.

To be quite honest I do both. Sometimes alternately and sometimes at the same time.

I find that I naturally make my points much stronger when I make an outline of what I’m going to write and stick with it. When I write aimlessly I find that the product is richer and more interesting

Should I ultimately chose one style over the other?

Should I work at marrying the two styles?

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to answer those questions.

Writing is Exploration

One thing I have learned as a writer, whether it is a book, article, web posting, blog or whatever it may be, is that writing in and of itself is an exploration of my mind.  This is not to say that I am actively looking into my mind as I write, although that might be fun to do some time, but what I find is that almost always in retrospect I have learned something new.

Many people would think that I am a very methodical writer.  I plan out what I want to write beforehand in most cases.  I do this for several reasons:

1)      I can easily keep the point that I start out with if I have already predetermined a structure;

2)      The planning helps me to write faster because I already know what I am going to write about; and

3)      Having the planned out or mapped out structure is one of the best defenses against writer’s block.

All that having been said, during the planning process I discover so much more about my subject when I am considering all the angles of the material.  Then I also notice that during the writing process itself, while I am banging away at the keyboard, my mind wonders throughout the subject matter and sometimes even crosses the borders into other subjects.  I normally finish my writing not only with a sense of accomplishment (for getting the words to paper) but also a small sense of enlightenment.

If you feel the same way whenever you do anything, whether it is writing a novel or pruning roses, then I say you are a lucky person.